"You don't even need to leave your room. Just sit at your table and wait. Just listen, be still, be silent, and solitary. The world will fully offer itself to you to be unmasked. It has no choice. It will roll in ecstasy before your feet." - Franz Kafka



“I loved Tom’s Animal Acupressure Course!!!

I’m an Animal Body worker. I now specialize in Canine Physiotherapy. I am passionate about my work and the animals I work with. So when I heard about Tom’s Animal Acupressure curriculum from a friend, I just had to check it out.

Well from the very first introductory meeting, I was hooked. Tom’s engaging manner spoke to my heart and a new door was opened. I felt that he shared my passion and my vision for helping animals heal naturally.

In taking these classes, I’ve enjoyed a blend of incredible new information and mystical ancient wisdom brought together in an atmosphere of soulful like-mindedness. It’s not only what I’ve learned about the different energy modalities, but how I’ve learned to feel. I’ve learned to go outside of my head and into my heart. 

Tom’s approach is fresh and inviting. He has brought to my way of being a gentle and humble understanding that I am not the healer, but a witness to another being healing itself. What an amazing experience.

Tom presents material in such a way that it just becomes part of who you are and isn’t that what working with your hands and your heart should be? This is so much more than education. This is a life experience and a heartfelt journey. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.”


* * * * *

"Whether human or animal, Tom has a soft presence, vast technical knowledge and an uncanny intuitive sense that gets to the heart and soul of those in need of support, guidance and healing. I have witnessed more than once his ability to meet the body with compassion, skill and clarity that can bring one back from the brink of pain and death, release negative imprints and restore well being. The shift in behavior and dis-ease is palpable and profound."   

-Sariah Mikaels, Sound Healer and Life Coach

* * * * *

“When our 11-year old golden retriever Millie was unable to use her back legs and it was recommended that we put her down, we were uncertain of what to do. The owner of a natural pet food store said to get Tom to look at her first. Tom came to the house and worked with Millie for about 40 minutes and she got up. She was a bit shaky, but was walking and wagging her tail. We were totally amazed. Tom said that that when he came in to the house he saw in her eyes that she was not ready to leave, and that he just believed in her. He then taught us some acupressure and Jin Shin Jyustu routines for her back legs and hip and for strengthening her immune system. Millie needs helps with steps and has some days where it difficult to get up, but she’s getting around pretty well. As Tom said, just keep looking for the light in her eyes. She has her spirit back. Tom comes monthly for a tune up for Millie or when she has some trouble, and we do our routines in between. We signed up for one of Tom’s animal acupressure massage workshops, and came away with valuable ways to work with our three dogs and two cats. What his teachings have given us is a whole new way of seeing and relating to our animals. It’s so much richer now. We feel such gratitude for his work and teaching. He’s a great teacher and watching him work is as we said amazing.”

                                                —Brad and Terri Stevens, San Francisco

* * * * *

“It was a great honor to be taught by Tom in the 100-hour animal acupressure course. Tom brings to light the spiritual aspects in healing and energy work which is so important to me. His method of sharing information was done in such a way that it empowered me to learn something, and then make it my own. He has a wonderful energy about him  that is calm and vibrant. I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be able to take a course of study that is so tailored to my heart's desire to help animals.

Tom allowed the journey of learning the various modalities to also be about expressing our true nature and honoring our authentic self. That, to me, was priceless. I'm excited to start sharing what I've learned with my animal friends and will definitely be taking more courses from Tom in the future.”  

-Dawn Sakaishi, Sacramento

* * * * *

“Last year I was fortunate to take a journey that truly touched my soul. I have been pet sitting for the past five years and a number of my pet clients started to transition into their senior years and some into their geriatric phase. I wanted to be able to help and support these pets and for that reason I enrolled in the Animal Acupressure Training Program with Tom Wilson, Ph.D.

What I learned changed my life. Acupressure, an ancient eastern healing art, has been used with animals for at least four thousand years. Acupressure is a noninvasive, gentle treatment that can greatly impact both humans and animals. There is a power in the healing touch – a touch with good intentions. I have seen the difference in the pets that I have treated. I have a better understanding of how eliminating toxins and increasing blood supply to the body can improve our pet’s overall health.

I feel very fortunate to have had Tom Wilson for my instructor. He teaches with an undeniable passion for all living creatures. Tom’s “hands-on” approach in his classroom is invaluable to his students and beneficial to the animals we touch. He has a unique ability to bring out the best potential in his students. I am very grateful that I enrolled in the Animal Acupressure Program. My life and the pets I care for have truly benefited from this program.”

-Sherina Paulsen, Pet Sitting 4 Paws, www.petsitting4paws.com

* * * * *

“My introduction to Tom Wilson’s Animal Acupressure Program was Craniosacral for Animals. I was interested in the topic, and in the program, based on what I read in articles written by Tom and descriptions of classes. The wide range of modalities that includes the spiritual and emotional aspects of each seemed to offer the possibility of a deeper experience than I’d had. I’ve been a student of various forms of energy medicine, have taken many classes in TCM for animals, and I work with veterinarians who use TCM in their practices, but this approach sounded broader and included other traditions than what is called Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I loved the class. It was like coming home. Tom’s focus on the energetic and spiritual lifts an intensive (and potentially stressful) learning experience into another plane entirely, where participants can comfortably participate in a synergistic relationship that allows more progress than might otherwise occur.

The setting, A Chance For Bliss Animal Sanctuary, is a big piece of the comfort and spirit of the class. Both animals and humans were welcoming and tolerant of the commotion a class brings to any location.

The anatomy and physiology underpinning the work were clearly presented. Students working on each other were delighted to be successful in learning the material and in feeling the subtle, quiet energy of the work (often difficult for far more experienced students). The appreciative animals provided both comic relief and dramatic contrast before and after energy-balancing sessions with them.

The combination of Tom’s expertise and approach with A Chance for Bliss is inspired. I look forward to many more experiences just as fulfilling.”

-Beth Taylor, co-author of Dr. Becker’s Real Food for
    Healthy Dogs & Cats: Simple Homemade Food  

* * * * *

“I’ve taken classes with Tom in his school over the years and have studied with him privately in apprenticeship training. It’s enabled me to have a practice working with animals, and it has changed my life to have work like this. Reading acupressure books all seems so complicated, but Tom’s teaching style gets right to the essence and makes it so experiential. You really get it. Though he has almost encyclopedic knowledge of the of the healing arts, his teaching approach is on the student and how the student can keep going deeper inside and really feel the work in your hands and the body of the animal. He showed me how to touch in a way that I can feel the energy moving in animals. As I work more with animals my intuition of what to do is growing. The best gift Tom has given me is how to be with an animal in a session so that the animal trusts you and can relax into a healing space.”

—Anthony Martinsen, Reno, NV

* * * * *

“I've always had an interest in the human-animal relationship. I've also been working in the healing arts for 20 years. Though I had served well in working with humankind, the Animal Acupressure Academy's program became a perfect fit for me. It just felt right.
Tom is firmly grounded in his passion for teaching and has an extensive knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). His teachings are well organized with morning exercises and lecture, and afternoon hands-on practice of the teachings.

From the first class, there is a "be here now" presence in working with the animals that is very nurturing and satisfying for both the animal and the practitioner. I feel this program will continue to prosper as people become familiar with Tom's teachings and his supportive approach to everyone is the classroom.”

-Elise Thompson

* * * * *

“Tom’s work has exposed me to a whole new world of alternative healing for animals. After just the first session, my somewhat lethargic 20-year old cat seemed to have gotten an infusion of energy and spirit about her that I had not seen in a long time. The next day, she was more playful than I had seen her in a long time. Out in the yard, she would happily roll in the bark. Inside, she would bat her paws in the air, as if she were striking at imaginary ghosts. At this point in her life, I am so grateful to Tom for the transformation that has taken place in my ‘kitty’. At her age, comfort and happiness are paramount.”

-Lydia Patubo

* * * * *

“Tom is a gifted instructor and teacher of the arts. In addition to the history and technical components of his teachings he also understands and honors the animal perspective. This invaluable combination provides the student with a multi-faceted framework of learning. I thoroughly honored and enjoyed his class and would highly recommend studying with him. If you have the opportunity take his course!”

-Kathy Veder, BS, HTCP, HTACP/I, CEA

* * * * *

"I am blessed to have the opportunity to share this story, a story with a happy ending. In February of 2008 a beautiful female red Siberian Husky by the name of Bandit came to live with me in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. Rescued from years of abuse and neglect, recently separated from her canine companion and previous owner, Bandit had quite the history and story that accompanied her arrival. Stunningly beautiful, deep, sweet, contemplative, moody, fearful and slow to trust was a part of her makeup. Being a dog lover/owner my entire life, I believed I had a keen sensitivity and understanding to her challenges. I quickly began to realize that she was something quite special, a dog like none I had ever known before.

Soon after her arrival it became apparent that Bandit was sick with a form of skin cancer which required immediate surgery. It was bad enough that she had to adjust to so many changes within her new environment, but to be tasked with illness and surgery on top of it seemed so unfair. Somehow, we found our way through those early days together, healing, slowly making headway toward understanding one another, building a relationship of love and trust. As the months passed Bandit continued to heal and adjust to her new home, seemingly happier and more content with each passing day. She also showed me how to see the world through her eyes or nose, demonstrating an uncanny deep connection and sensitivity with certain people, situations and her environment.

In August of 2008 she began to demonstrate other signs of ill health. Within no time I became concerned, noticing the change in her overall behavior. Suddenly she was so ill I had to have assistance getting her into the car. The vet preformed a battery of tests, confirming that Bandit had acute pancreatitis as well as respiratory problems. Since I was not familiar with this disease, I began searching the web for any and all information about the disease and its prognosis. Based on her current symptoms and condition it did not look good. She was so ill. I felt scared, helpless and at a loss. The vet had her on several antibiotics and a restricted diet. Progress was slow. She began to show some signs of improvement, however she was just a dim representation of the dog that I had begun to know. I was heartbroken. I so wanted to give her the life she so deserved, but I also realized that this was her journey; the best I could do was provide her with love and support. I was aware that Bandit had her own life path. I did everything I could to assist in her recovery. I prayed for answers, guidance, I so wanted to give her the opportunity to have a long and healthy life.

One day during a meeting in a coffee shop with a client I began to share Bandit’s story. My client mentioned that she knew a man by the name of Tom Wilson, a brilliant animal practitioner that she believed could be helpful with Bandit’s recovery. As we continued with our meeting my client excused herself to use the rest-room. When she returned she informed me that Tom was in the other room sharing tea with a friend and would I like to meet him. Of course I said and Tom joined our table and I began to share my concerns about Bandit’s health and wellbeing. Tom was so patient, kind and insightful, seeming to already know what Bandit and I needed. I took his card and set up an appointment within the week. Ah, the synchronicity of the universe never ceases to amaze me.

On the day of the appointment Bandit seemed to be aware that something was up. Thirty minutes before her appointment she went to the front door and laid down as if she was waiting for someone or something. I noticed this behavior, it was something she had never done before. When Tom arrived she was quick to greet him with a warm and open welcome, also a somewhat unusual behavior. Bandit was slow to trust, especially when she was not feeling well. I was astonished by her open and willing welcoming to Tom and his touch. As a rule Bandit did not let people touch her, often demonstrating a fearful, anxiety ridden reaction to touch; with Tom it was different. As they began, I realized that things unseen to my eyes were apparent to my girl. It was as if she knew exactly what Tom was doing and was guiding him to the areas of her body that needed attention. They worked together, slowly and quietly with mutual respect. I sat in silence, observing a miracle of trust and healing unfolding right in front of my eyes.

Clearly my girl Bandit knew more about her body and needs than I could comprehend, Tom held the key, the way in. Thirty minutes into the treatment Bandit reached up from her resting position to kiss my chin, as if to say, "thank you mom, thank you for understanding my needs." Perhaps I am projecting, however that was the feeling or sense that came over me. When she was finished she let Tom know by moving away. He indicated to me that she was complete with her treatment at that point. We continued to work together on a weekly basis, Bandit gaining strength and healing with each visit. Sitting in silence, observing the work Tom and Bandit did together was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, teaching me about the subtle nuances of energy, sensing and healing. Also, showing me just how little I knew about my world, my body, my environment.

Today Bandit’s health is strong and pretty solid. Since she is a sensitive dog, with Tom’s guidance, I have learned the importance of paying attention to her environment and the signs of distress she communicates. When she has a setback or seems weak, she lets me know. Tom continues to be an integral part of our lives, working with us when Bandit is in need. To try and find words to communicate my gratitude for the gift that Tom has given to both myself and Bandit somehow falls short. I believe that without Tom’s help Bandit would have most likely not have recovered. He was the bridge, offering a new way for Bandit to thrive and live out the remaining days of her life. Early on in Bandit’s treatment, Tom told me that the pancreas connects with the concept of embracing the sweetness of life. For Bandit, and her troubled past, experiencing "the sweetness in life” was an unknown until Tom came into our lives.

She is a very different dog these days, full of wonder, playfulness and a passion for life. She is fully engaged in everything around her, for her age 11+? her beautiful presence is something to behold.

With the insight and wisdom that Tom has shared with me my relationship with Bandit and animals in general has blossomed and changed forever. Bandit and I have grown closer than I would have ever thought possible, I now see the world from a very different perspective. Bandit is more than a companion, she is a partner in life; in truth she is one of my greatest teachers. I used to say to people that when she came into my life that “I had rescued her,” the truth is, in turn, she rescued me, or, more accurately, we rescued one another. With love, respect and gratitude. Forever, for always, for love."

—Terrilyn & Bandit

* * * * *



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