"The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself." - Henry Miller

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  • Love Dogs: Abandonment, Abuse & Rehabilitation - by Tom Wilson, Ph.D.
In Rumi's poem "Love Dogs," a man cries out to his God and a dog howls for its master, both of them feeling abandoned. What they share is a deep longing for connection.... Continue
  • The Tao of Libby - by Tom Wilson, Ph.D.

Over the past two years I have worked with a young girl named Libby, age 10, who was born with cerebral palsy weighing one and a half pounds.... Continue

  • Cody's Story - by Tom Wilson, Ph.D.
First of all, good news: Cody is still with us.  He's a spiritual little white terrier-poodle mix, seven and a half years old.... Continue 
  • Anatomy of an Energy Balancing Session - by Tom Wilson, Ph.D.
If you're like me, and have chosen a path of service in massage and energy work, you come to a place where your knowledge of healing modalities begins to feel very rich.... Continue 
  • Touching - Holding a Space for Consciousness - by Tom Wilson, Ph.D.
To touch another is an act of love and compassion.  We need to approach touching humans animals with respect and sensitivity.  We want the quality of touch imparted by our hands to match the state of .... Continue 
  • The Watercourse Way: Applying the Five Elements - by Tom Wilson, Ph.D.
Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of each.  Let them be your on.... Continue 
  • CranioSacral & the Preservation of Wildness - by Tom Wilson, Ph.D.

Whenever we search out the spiritual essence of a healing modality, we almost always find that the mystics, shamans, and poets had long ago mapped the territory.... Continue

  • Bandit & the Spirit of Acupressure - by Tom Wilson, Ph.D.
The spirit that lives in animals moves me.  I am in awe at the intelligence inherent in nature that opens possibilities for physical, emotional and spiritual healing.... Continue 
  • Dani's Magical Mystery Tour - by Tom Wilson, Ph.D.
Horses are flight animals embodying power, freedom, and wisdom.  When humans first climbed onto horses, they became free of their earthbound lives.... Continue
  • Snow Bird: A Gift in Dying - by Tom Wilson, Ph.D.
Snow had been falling in Nevada City for days, sometimes heavily, sometimes lightly.  I awoke one morning to find a beautiful light snow falling once a .... Continue 
  • Meet Bentley: "My New Best Friend" - by Tom Wilson, Ph.D.
In the last hours of 2008, I curled up on the couch and conducted a little gratitude inventory of the year.  All the things one might expect.... Continue 
  • Dancing to the End of the Song: Reflections on Animal Hospice - by Tom Wilson, Ph.D.

A presentation delivered at the Second International Symposium on Veterinary Hospice Care, University of California, Davis, on September 6, 2009.... Continue


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