Welcome to the Academy
The Animal Acupressure Training Academy is dedicated to compassionate care for animals through the study and application of holistic energy-balancing modalities that facilitate health and well being, honor the spirit of the animals, and deepen our connection to them.
Studying in the Animal Acupressure Training Academy is about the heart and art of working with animals, our kinship to them in the natural world, and seeing them as conscious beings. The animals know when we truly see them; they sense that we are there for them. Animals in the wild live close to nature; but our animal companions can easily lose that connection in the physical, emotional, and spiritual stresses that attend domestication. Working with animals through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and its roots in the ancient wisdom of Taoism, we assist them in recovering balance within nature's cycles and restoring harmony to mind, body, and spirit—coming home to their true animal natures.
Our programs delve deeply into the philosophies of Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the application of multiple styles of bodywork. The Academy offers individual classes as well as 60 and 100 hour certification programs, including distance learning options, for students seeking to become animal acupressure practitioners, as well as workshops for animal guardians interested in taking care of their animal companions. All Academy classes may be taken as single classes or as part of one of the certification programs.
An ancient Zen proverb says, “The brilliant gem is in your hands.”  At the Academy, our goal is to bring all of your art and knowledge down into the natural listening intelligence of your hands. Loving hands are healing hands. 

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